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Moti Mahal Cloud Kitchen Franchise Food Opportunities

Cloud By Moti Mahal Delux


Why Cloud by Moti Mahal?

The Cloud kitchen

The Cloud kitchen is the GEN X concept gaining popularity all over the world. The changing demographic’s, rising income, consumption level of food, favourable life style changes, the convenience of ordering and aggressive marketing strategies of food delivery portals are the factors of growth in the online food delivery industry. The trend of ordering food and take away food is increasing day by day and is now popular not only in metro or bigger cities but also in B CLASS Cities.

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* Investment starting from 30 Lakh

Why Do You Want To Run A Food Franchising Business?

Purchasing a restaurant franchise wont make you miserable. Here are some explanations for why more individuals are deciding to start a food franchise:

1. Franchises in the food industry already have well-known brands.

Motimahalgroup.com already has a solid reputation for taste and brand identification. Because they already have consumers, this is quite significant. Customers’ being familiar with your brand is advantageous since it ensures your success.

2. The success rate of the food industry is higher than that of typical enterprises:


A food franchise has a success rate of 95%, but for traditional businesses, only 20% make it through the first year of operation, and roughly 80% fail.

3. High profitability is a guarantee.

In a motimahal cloud kitchen franchise, you can see how much money you make in two to three months. After many trials and failures, the food franchising industry has already established the ideal method for managing and sustaining its business (you don't need to take the risk of doing that anymore).

4. A food venture is like leaning on a wall because a strong company serves as its backbone.

You can be confident that your partnership with a motimahalgroup.com will enable it to continue to run a successful operation. Individuals choose to own a cloud kitchen franchise opportunities because of the confidence that their firm will go in the proper direction during this recession period when only strong enterprises survive. Choosing food franchising, motimahalgroup.com as your company model includes high success rates, ease of operation, and partnerships with excellent and seasoned businesses. However, you must also be mindful that certain companies will profit from this vast success—exercise caution when selecting a food franchise company to safeguard yourself from unethical franchising practices.

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* Investment starting from 30 Lakh







Type of Outlets

Less than 10



200-1000 sq.ft.



Year 2016



High street, Malls and Hotels



Low Rental

Low Operating Cost

Low Investment

ROI in 6 Months

Corporate Ordes

Focus on home delivery+takeaway to build a customers base before dine-in starts

Limits to licensing formalities

ODC- Bulk orders from out door catering

Expansion in different locations

Have to pay 5%-8% to Zomato

Today’s Customer Relies On 6 things


Contact-Less Online Delivery


Timely Delivery


Value For Money


Packaging Material Sanitised Before Delivery


Warm Food Every
Time You Order


New Dishes

Why Use Moti Mahal Delivery Riders?



1. Moti Mahal has a separate team for delivery as well as app system where you can view the menu and make the payment.

2. We ensure that order is delivered in 30 to 40 minutes depending on traffic and city conditions.



3. One uniqueness with quality North Indian Food is other delivery partners charge 20% to 25% for Logistics In which it eventually is a huge amount from the Profits earned by the Franchisee.

4. We ensure to have just brand and menu on delivery partner portals to reduce the cost of the Logistic.


SMS Update

Prompt Instant Messaging
Customer Satisfaction


Warm Food

Delivery Made Easy
Well Insulated Food Bags


Order Online

Tandoori Legacy
Safety & Quality Assured

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